Website Audit

Website Audit

Is your website bringing in the traffic and leads your company needs?

Your website is the online face of your company and a key part of your marketing strategy. When customers search for your business online, your website is the first thing that appears. If your website is slow or suffers from duplicate content, you may not be getting the views you deserve.

A website audit helps you optimize your website for visitors. Technical problems like slow pages and broken links can prevent your site from ranking highly in the search engines. If your site does not have a high ranking, you are not going to get as much traffic as you should. Once you know what is wrong with your site, you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and boost your conversion rate.

What Is a Site Audit?

A site audit is a fast, simple way of making sure your website can achieve the best conversion and SEO results. With a site audit, you can optimize your site’s performance, increase your leads and improve your search engine rankings. You can use a site audit to make sure your company is set up for online and offline success.

Advance Website Audit

What Does a Site Audit Look for?

When you get your site audited by the Service Guys Marketer, you will get support with a range of technical issues. From content problems to issues with your site’s speed, we will check for a list of common mistakes that could be holding your site back. Among other issues, we will look at some of the following problems.

HTTPS security protocols.

Content problems like duplicate content.

AMP implementation.

Loading speed.

CSS and JS errors.

Meta tags.

Internal linking.


Basically, an audit looks at your site’s performance and SEO. It also includes a technical assessment and an audit of your conversion rate. With this information, you can figure out how to improve your company’s website and enjoy a better ranking.

We Will Run a Technical Assessment of Your Site

One of the first things we deal with in a website audit is a technical assessment of your site. Our goal is to improve your user experience by making your website design more responsive and removing technical issues. For example, we will make sure you have a mobile-friendly site and no error messages. Our team will optimize your URLs for the search engines. If your site has too much JavaScript or Flash, it could also make it harder for the search engines to index your pages.

Our Team Will Conduct a Performance Assessment

One of the main things we look at is how users navigate your website. We want to make sure they can easily navigate between your homepage and landing pages. Ideally, the value propositions of your business should be easy to access through your main menu. You need simple conversion paths and an intuitive design. Plus, your website needs to load quickly if you want to have the best visitor engagement, conversion rate and retention rate.

We Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Another step in the audit process is to boost your conversion rates. While increasing your website traffic makes getting leads more likely, your website traffic only matters if these leads turn into paying customers. Because of this, our most important goal is to improve your overall conversion rates. We can do this by optimizing your marketing offers and call-to-action sections. Our team will also optimize your landing pages and marketing funnel.

Our Marketers Will Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Your on-site SEO is incredibly important for your search engine rankings. Most people only click on the first three results that appear when they search for something. If you rank higher in these results, you can organically increase your website traffic. Our team will audit your site for SEO requirements like high-quality content, keywords, meta descriptions, URLs and page titles.

Whether you run a plumbing company or offer landscaping services, your website is an important part of your marketing strategy. A well-designed site can boost your brand image, improve your conversion rate and attract new leads. With a website audit, you can immediately learn how to fix your site. If you want to take your company to the next level, reach out to the Service Guys Marketer today.