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 Electrician SEO Services

Generate a greater and more powerful business presence with electrician SEO Services from experts you can trust.

Did you know that when a person googles phrases for services near them, such as an electrician, your website will not show up unless you are within the first page of the search? As a result, you will be missing out on opportunities for increased leads, bringing in more customers, and potential business growth.

In fact, 68% click on the top five results. SEO leads can have a 14.6% close rate in comparison to the traditional methods that only have a 1.7% rate. That’s right, that means you can have seven times greater chances in closing a lead by increasing your visibility online. The best way to achieve your online presence is through search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process in which targeted website traffic is driven to your website through search engines. With today’s technology and around 70.6% of online traffic coming from search engines, by having an SEO-friendly site, you can boost your rankings by using different keywords that are related to your service.

Why Electrician SEO Services

Electrician SEO is an internet marketing plan that is targeted toward those searching for electricians. In 2015, there were over 6,600 searches each month within the United States alone regarding the term “electricians”.   Search Engine Optimization aids in making your website more visible on search engines such as Google. This form of marketing can be equivalent to word of mouth for today’s more technologically advanced society.

Some of the advantages of using this technique is that it allows you to reach a wider range of people using services that fit your expertise, it can aid in generating new leads for your business, and it can drive a higher volume of customers toward your site.

However, search engines do not just use keywords to filter through the numerous of sites offering your range of service. Websites are ranked through an algorithm method that is based on relevancy, authority, and usefulness. You can look at search engine optimization as an art that creates or adjusts web pages to rank better within search engines.

 Electrician SEO Services

The Benefits of the Best Local SEO for Electrician

When it comes to relevancy, web pages that have keywords within the title and headline of the text tend to rank better. Simply put, search engines look for sites that provide quality content that is significant to the subject being searched. So, before you optimize your website, it is important to do your research and determine what keywords and phrases your customers will most likely use when searching out services. You do want to be careful when using keywords though. Search engines can pick up on what is often referred to as keyword stuffing, which is basically using these words in a fashion that does not flow naturally. Believe it or not, Google has penalties for this, and it can hurt your chances in ranking better. You want to avoid this by using on-page optimization so that it maintains the natural flow of your content.

Another important aspect that search engines look for is called domain authority. This basically is like the reputation of your website. Are you providing the highest quality of content within your expertise? Domain authority is a scoring system from 1 to 100, that was developed by SEO software company Moz. This system predicts how well a website’s ability will be to rank on search engine results pages. The higher your page scores the better your ranking will be. However, since this system is best used to compare the metrics between your site and other competitors, you should not try to simply achieve the highest authority score possible, rather focus on achieving a higher score in comparison to other sites competing within your category of expertise.

When measuring usefulness, search engines seek out content that is of high quality and that provides readers with in-depth information. Pages that provide little to no value tend to receive lower rankings. As your creating your content you may want to consider asking yourself “how will my customer benefit from this information”.

Another aspect you want to consider is how well are the links from other sites to yours. This is referred to as link building and is a big factor when deciding the ranking of your webpage.

For the most part, it is crucial to provide excellent quality and quantity when it comes to content on your page. There are numerous electrician websites out there that simply lack substance in the value of content that they provide for their customers. If you think of your website presence like your virtual storefront, you want to provide that top quality that entices new customers to check it out. If your page doesn’t have that flow to it, then we can help you in building that search engine optimization that will aid in driving more business to your site.

Electrician SEO Pricing

With over seven years in lead generation for various businesses, Service Guys Marketer maximizes optimization by assuring the accuracy of your website, building out sales funnels, as well as capitalizing on various digital marketing campaigns. We have helped numerous contractors and companies from Electricians, HVAC, Plumbing, Lawn Care, and Roofing.

Spark more traffic as we help you to navigate your SEO strategy. Through our proactive approach, you can increase search engine ranking, leading to greater sales outcomes. Are you ready to take that first step to high-quality SEO optimization? Contact us for your quote now. We have reasonable and competitive prices personalized to fit your business needs.