Local SEO

Local SEO

Are you questioning why your client base isn’t expanding? 

You’re wondering why the competition that does not offer service as excellent as yours is getting more clients. 

Is your business not at the level it’s supposed to be? Has it been years?

You’ve advertised on every social media platform you know, you’ve made the fliers, handbills, but sales and inquiries are not showing any signs of improvement?

Look no further; this post is for you.


Digital Marketing is not just about putting your products and services on the internet. You have to go the extra mile. Allow me to introduce you to Local Search Engine Optimisation; this is an effective and strategic way to increase traffic on your business page and ensure sales by promoting your products and services to local clients at the same time they are searching for you.

Local SEO works with what is known as “local intent.” According to Google statistics, 46% of searches on the search engine shows local intent. This statistics means that clients are searching for solutions which are closer to them.

Making use of Local SEO will ensure that the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPS) suggest your business when a prospective client types in for services related to you.

It is, therefore, vital that you engage in not only the use of Local SEO but the efficient use of this remarkable business strategy.

Local SEO service


The internet is a world of its own, filled with billions of people offering various services. Right in your local environment, you have other companies providing the same services you do. Beating them at the game depends on how well you optimize your online marketing strategies.

Unlike other marketing strategies, Local Search Engine Optimization is dynamic.

At Service Guys Marketer, we commit to optimize your on-site and off-site SEO strategies for clients who are searching for you.

Our team includes highly trained and experienced professionals who invest their time and effort in drawing traffic to your business by the use of proper local Search Engine Marketing techniques.

We have done proper research to understand the technique, and algorithms Google uses to prioritize local products, thereby giving us the insight needed to put your business above others in your local environment. Our years of experience has enabled us the most efficient Local SEO strategy that will suit specific industries. Be it a large business or a small company; Service Guys Marketer has got what it takes to make your services the most sought after locally.


Years of working with Google has allowed us to discover a few secrets. We have been able to decipher what works and what doesn’t when it comes to local search engine optimization. A few of our trusted techniques include:

Optimization Of Heading Tags

For both search engines and potential clients, proper optimization of your headings can go a long way. You have to ensure you include an H1 tag on each page, making sure your primary keyword is present in each title.

Managing Your Online Reviews

It’s 2019, and the survey done shows that 97% of all clients read local reviews.

Clients not only want to hear what you can offer them, but they also want to discuss with your precious clients on how effective and efficient your services were.

You can heavily rely on Service Guys Marketer to do careful management of your online reputation.

Proper Management of Your Local SEO presence

This includes a lot of things; ensuring you have the right meta descriptions that are unique and catchy, verifying that your phone number and address links accurately to your site, adding Google maps to enable clients to easily find you, making sure your keywords are hyper-local, verifying and optimizing your Google My Business Listing, and so on . The list is endless, but trust that with Service Guys Marketer, you and your business are in good hands.


It is high time for you to join the tons of people whose businesses benefit from our amazing Local SEO strategies; their testimonies and reviews have been second to none.