Keywords Analysis

Keywords Analysis

Why are clients by-passing my Ads/Site without clicking?

Do you wonder why search engines do not suggest your sites until about the fifth page? 

Do you want to be flooded with bookings? 

Would you love to have so many appointments you never get a free day off? 

Or are you wondering ‘why are clients not finding me?’ You’re offering exquisite service, you’ve done everything right, but your client base still is your family members and friends.


It’s time to turn that around, maybe the challenge isn’t you or your services. Perhaps you’re not just out there enough.

Most clients find their solutions on google. It’s fast, easy, and reliable.

You’re still thinking, “I’m on Google, my site is beautiful, what could be wrong?”

Did you know 47% of clients click on the top three positions in the search engine results? 90% of clicks happen on the first page.

Now that we’ve identified the problem, how do we get you and your business to the first page?

By using the Appropriate keywords analysis and implementation in your site.

Keywords Analysis


Getting your clients to find you involves using the appropriate keywords in your content and ads.

You want to use the class of words people type in when searching for the services you offer.

Our workers at Service Guys Marketers are search engine specialists who ensure the correct usage of appropriate keywords to draw all clients, from far and near.

We have extensive experience in helping local businesses get more website traffic by drawing them in, with the right keywords.

Not just in using the appropriate keywords, we specialize in doing extensive research that includes; getting the right synonyms, close options, prefixes and suffixes associated with your business, and placing them in strategic areas in your content that will shoot your page to the top where you belong.

Depending on your business specialization, we do extensive keyword research and formulate a clear keyword strategy that will optimize each page and post for target keywords.


Your business deserves the best, which is why at Service Guys Marketer, it is our duty to do proper research, understanding the right type of volume and trends are going on in your field. This knowledge allows us to optimize your page to capitalize on the trends that will bring you to the fore. Here’s how we do that;

Optimizing Website Hierarchy and Keyword Mapping

We do a proper arrangement and categorization of keywords on your pages. Ensuring that the “parent” pages garner more high-class keywords than the lower “child” pages.

Your parent pages, which include; main, service, about, product pages, are more in the public eye which is why a strategic mapping of keywords in the essential places can move your site from bottom to top.

Your “child” pages, the articles, blogs, etc. are infused with an endless list of lower-volume keywords that are specific to your business.

Engaging The Right Titles And Headlines

The real Key to getting any client is your title and headlines. You can have perfect content and infuse with all the right keywords, but if your title and headline are not catchy and engaging, your client is never going to get to you. For SEO purposes, we provide your title with all the right target keywords, ensuring it is creating curiosity and establishing credibility.

Research And Infuse Related Keywords In Your Content.

We do extensive and in-depth research on all keywords which are related to your field and we analyse what can bring your ideal clients to you. We spend time to gather all related keywords analysis, creating a list; this helps our strategy in making the best usage of the appropriate keywords.

Our professionalism allows us to correctly implement these keywords in the right places to show relevance to your target keyword and theme.


Here at Service Guys Marketers, we have a history of making our clients find their clients. We have adequately studied and mastered the secret to the correct usage of keywords, and have implemented our knowledge in servicing our clients.

We have thousands of testimonies from our satisfied clients who have had their client inflow transformed without services.

Why not give us a trial today?