How Can an Electrician Start Drawing the Attention of Clients?


Some electricians see quite a lot of business, while others see far less. Why is this, and what all should less well-known electricians do to find and retain clients?

Like any business person today, an electrician needs an effective marketing plan. And they probably would benefit tremendously by finding and working with a marketing firm that specializes in electricians or home services generally.

If you’re an electrician marketing your business, what specifically should you be doing right now? Let’s find out.

The Best Marketing Plan for an Electrician

When it comes to marketing services, an electrician has many options, so deciding which to choose is hard. Plus, someone just getting started might not have the resources to hire multiple marketing services at once.

However, knowing the key components of a solid marketing plan and prioritizing them allows an electrician to establish a reputable and memorable brand. Then, build from that as resources become more plentiful.

A logo and website should be the starting point to build your brand. These are what potential clients will notice and remember when looking to hire an electrician.

A Well-Designed Logo

An outstanding logo not only can build your brand, but it can define it. The best logos are those that distill a wealth of information into a single impression. In other words, they help people remember not only the image but also what all it stands for.

If you haven’t had training in graphic design, it’s not wise to create your own business logo, not even with logo-designing software. This essential marketing component should be designed professionally — and in close consultation with you.

Your logo should be the focus of your marketing plan, encompassing everything from your website to your social media presence to any branded swag you might want to order (pens, tee shirts, etc.).

A Stunning and Memorable Website

An engaging experience sticks with people. Your professionally designed electrician website should prominently feature your new logo, use pleasing colors, and use photos that capture the essence of electrical work as clearly as possible.

Flawless but uncomplicated text is just as important. It should explain terms and concepts succinctly as they relate to what appears in photos and other illustrations. It also should include well-crafted and strategically-placed sales messages.

An electrical service upgrade, for example, can net an electrician some good money — but only if a prospective client understands what it involves and how they will benefit from it.

Potential clients should never have to hunt for an electrician’s contact information!

A Focused SEO Strategy

To put it very directly, search engine optimization (SEO) builds site traffic (if you want people to find and use it). After having your website designed and built, your next step is to work with SEO experts to develop your strategy.

SEO professionals help you to determine what to feature prominently on your website and other digital media platforms. They will also research data such as your site’s organic traffic and the best keywords for successful ranking.

Strong Content Marketing

While smart keyword placement involves adding them to your website’s code, alternate text, and other locations not ordinarily seen, it is also of considerable significance to the site text itself.

Even though search engine bots or crawlers aren’t able to appreciate the meaning and context of your selected keywords, your success depends on their ability to find and rank them.

When human users are referred to your site, they are the ones for whom your text is meaningful. So make it worth reading.

A Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media platforms address different audiences in different ways than what they experience on websites. Social sites are much more interactive, and users create a lot of content by responding to a business’s posts.

For an electrician, social media channels provide great ways to engage their followers using techniques such as:

  • Fun facts
  • Surveys
  • Listicles
  • Limited-time discounts
  • How-to videos

Even photos of electrical work in progress (images taken live are much better than stock), achievement celebrations, and announcements of new services can capture people’s attention.

If you don’t have time to manage your social media presence, we recommend hiring an intern. It’s an excellent professional experience for them and will help you a lot!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Those who do a lot of email marketing usually have it down to a science, using templates, address and lead databases, and even hiring freelance copywriting professionals to create the text.

A great benefit of email marketing is that no one needs to search to discover your electrical business. Your message is staring right at the readers when they check their latest email messages.

A Comprehensive Local Strategy

Since the vast majority of electricians conduct business in local or regional areas, this last topic is vital. It absorbs all the categories covered above. Having a local strategy, especially one that uses local SEO, is worth every penny you spend.

“Why,” you ask. As an electrician, you need to connect with as many businesses and homeowners as possible. It’s great to have your website set up to point out your business attributes to your community.

It would be terrific if you did more, though. Help sponsor local events. Be a guest at school career days. Offer your services free or at a substantial discount to local non-profits and charities.

Always Keep Your Clients and Prospects in Focus

Even with all the digital strategies today, it’s essential that an electrician remember the community itself and the “low-tech” ways of promoting your services — such as word of mouth, local newspapers, and broadcast media.

You should know your clients and the community where they live. Recognize, too, that not everyone needing electrical services these days is at technology’s cutting edge. There are still many folks who hardly ever use computers.

Consider this when planning your overall campaign, and be sure that your non-digital communication includes your website URL. Also, be sure to leave a few paper business cards with clients when you complete the work.

We’re The Service Guys. Service professionals, reach out to us today to discuss your electrician marketing needs!

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