Google Adwords

Google AdWords

I want my Ads on the front page of Google 

How can I get my Ads to reach large audiences?

How Profitable is Google Ad-Words? 

Why are people with lesser service quality getting more clients than I am?” 

“I offer remarkable services, why then am I not getting as many clients as I want.”

You’ve probably asked yourself all the questions above countless times. Well, it’s your lucky day because all the answers you seek, lie here.


What is the most critical part of marketing your goods, you may wonder?

Here and now I tell you; Advertisement.

Your competitors understand the power of advertisement, proper advertising not only brings you and your services to the front page; in a nutshell, it tells your clients why they should be patronizing you.

So there you are, wondering, I advertise well enough, I have my ads on various social media platforms, I’m spending a lot of money, getting my business out there.

Maybe you are investing in the wrong places. How about you let us help you take your business to the number one marketing space.

Where is the most popular place you can go to search for services on earth? Google!

This site has billions of people clicking every day, looking for solutions. Why then are your ads not on the front page of the Google search engine?

The proper usage of Google AdWords ensures that your business is the first thing a client sees when they search for the services you render. Sounds amazing right?

Google AdWords


Google AdWords is a vast marketplace where you pay to have your business ranked with the top search results, and this is done based on Keywords.  With our professional use of the right keywords in your Google AdWord, your Ad can achieve top listing placements ensuring google links you directly to your client whenever they require your services.

Here at Service Guys Marketer, we specialize in creating efficient google ads that will make your ad the only one that a client is willing to engage.

We have extensive experience in assisting local businesses to draw traffic to their site by getting their ads to all clients.

We are a team of highly trained and professional marketers with severe interests in ensuring your business utilizing quality google ads attracts the right clientele.

While we tailor our research to your business, it is our priority to embark on proper research on competitive ads, consumer wants and formulate a strategized google ad campaign that will best serve you.


It is very crucial to understand that there are millions of competitors in Google.

The google site is probably the most prominent market place we have. Which, of course, makes it the best place to sell your products and services, but that also means you have millions of people competing with you, using the same keywords as you are.

At Service Guys Marketer, we specialize in making sure your google ads stand out, ensuring more clicks and sending traffic to your pages.

How do we guarantee that our Google Ad will Standout? 

Using the Right Keywords

We provide more clients for you by using the right keywords that will bait your clients into clicking on your Google ad.

One of our undefeated measures lies in researching prospective clients and their wants and making use of efficient, emotional triggers that will allow your client to relate to your google ad.

By Engaging Several Google AdWord Campaigns

As a form of research, we create several google ad campaigns, each with the same set of keywords, then put them through a series of testing and surveys to find out the best one for your company.

Making efficient use of A/B testing, our workers can find out what ad your clients are likely to respond to the most.


We have various client’s feedback that has ensured and assured us of our top-notch services.

We have our client’s best interests at heart and we put in all our effort in getting your ads to your desired destination.