Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads Campaign

Are you wondering how you can get your products and services to the billions of people using Facebook? 

Are your sales not as high as you hoped and you want to change that? 

Or do you already have ads on Facebook but they’re not getting as much traffic to your page as you hoped? 

You’ve come to the right place.


You may think Facebook is old school, and no one goes there to click on ads anymore. Well, you’re wrong, statistics have shown that Facebook generates over $3 billion in revenue from advertising each year, which means someone is clicking on the Facebook ads. Why not let those millions of people click on your Ads.

But then, there are also millions of other people dropping their Ads on Facebook, how can you get your Facebook Ad to top other ads; this is where we come in.

Here at Service GuysMarketer, we not only create the perfect Facebook Ad for your company, but we also ensure your Ads are reaching the right clients and they are clicking, which means more sales for you.


Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads target clients based on location, profile information, and demography.

At Service GuysMarketer, it is our sacred duty to get your clients on Facebook to find you, thereby achieving the first move making sales for you.

Next, we create the perfect Facebook Ad that will offer solutions to problems your clients have.

We are highly professional in our delivery, and we ensure your Facebook Ads have the right keywords that will achieve top listing placements on Facebook.

Our marketing team at Service Guysmarketer does not rest until we put in the research it requires to create the perfect Facebook Ad for your services.

We have gathered the experience needed to create the perfect Ad that will draw the much-needed traffic to your business page.

Going through intensive training in Creating audience target strategy that will bring your business to the limelight on Facebook, we ensure that we meet all the needs of our clients irrespective of their business fields.

Engaging ourselves in the proper research, we can assure you top-notch service, which involves an extensive background on your consumer wants and competitor Ads.

We promise you a formulated Facebook Ad Campaign that will best suit your needs.


Like we have said earlier, millions of people all over the world use Facebook. That’s millions of people who could be patronizing you.

A lot of other competitors are posting their Ads on Facebook too. Which means the real big deal about Facebook Marketing is getting clients to click on your Ad amidst millions of other Ads using the same keywords as you.

How can we get those people looking at your services only?

At Service Guys Marketer, we are specialists in ensuring that your Facebook Ad stands out, we can achieve this by a secret method which has always worked for our clients.

  • We Determine the Right Strategy for your Business Ad.

Using Facebook Ad can be done in different ways;

Broad Category Targeting;

This strategy is, by far, the best choice for large businesses that would need to reach massive audiences. General topics like gardening and movies are usually evident in these Ads.

Precise Interest Targeting;

This method is for smaller businesses who need to target clients based on their listed likes on their profiles, the apps they use, and the timeline content they provide.

By analyzing your business history, our team comes up with a suitable marketing strategy for your company

  • We Create the Perfect Facebook Ad for your Clients

A Facebook ad hosts numerous features such as the right keyword, suitable images, videos and infographics, and catchy headlines. At Service Guys Marketer, we put in a lot of effort into ensuring all these are balanced to create a Facebook Ad that will make you the best out of the rest.

Intense research is done to find out the likes and dislikes of your intended clientele, testing immediate desire for your products and services.

Our Facebook Ads have been ranked number 1 by our esteemed clients over time. The difference in quality and efficiency is second to none.