Competitors Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Why should I study my competitors? 

I want to make more sales, how does studying my competitors help?

My competitors don’t provide service half as excellent as mine, why should I waste my time on what they do?


Competitor analysis is a very crucial part of making sales and increasing your ranking online. We all agree there are millions of other company sites competing for the same clients with you. Why then is it essential to discuss them?

Understanding your competitors and their marketing strategies,

Improves the quality of your services

Provides you with innovation

Helps you to understand your market correctly.

Proper research and understanding of your competitors’ site can help you decipher why they are making better sales than you and what you can do to improve your sales at their expense.

You’re all struggling for the same clients, looking at your competitor’s site from an outsiders views can give you better insight on things you should be doing. It is a game; after all, everyone wants to be the best, well, to do so you must learn to observe the rest.

Advance Competitors Analysis


The competition gives life to business; after all, if you’re the sole provider of a particular service, there is a tendency to slack or pull back in your effort.

We’ve established the fact that you’re not alone. At Service Guys Marketer, we take the presence of your competitors as an advantage allowing us an insight into various practical marketing strategies, their flaws, and strengths.

It is our duty to ensure that your business is the number one ranked on all search platforms, how else can we achieve this but by analyzing the moves and strategies of your competitors?

Our team comprises of highly trained professionals who are experienced in competitor research and analysis, deciphering marketing secrets and intent and then formulating the best strategies that will place your business above all competing companies.

Our research methods are second to none as we indulge in specially formulated strategies for your business and field.


At Service Guys Marketer, we ensure that our priority remains you and your business. Taking the extra mile necessary, our digital marketing experts make sure to focus on identifying your real SEO competitors and analyzing their strategies.

We achieve this by;

Identifying businesses vying for similar keywords on Search Engines

By engaging in proper research, our team can locate companies that are banking on the same keywords that you are, we study their keywords strategy and try to find their flaws that could turn to strengths for you

Looking For New Keyword Opportunities

By studying your competing business sites, we can decipher Keywords that would be relevant to boosting your rank on SERP.

Using the TF-IDF analysis, our professionals can enrich your already existing content with highly ranked keywords your competitors are using, this optimizing your page for the search engine.

Analyzing Your Competitor’s On-Page Optimization And On-Site Content

We make use of the highest quality of analysis tools to decipher your competitors’ on-site presence.

Giving us an insight into how often they publish new content, the keywords they target, and their internal linking strategies.

Tracking Your Competitor’s Ad Spending

By analyzing just how much your competitors are investing in Ads, we can give you a definite reason on why they may be ranking higher than you in Search Engine Reply Pages.

We run timely monitoring on their Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Promoted content, Banner Ads, etc. and determine which method is working best, suggesting to you the best approach to take also.


Here at Service Guys Marketer, our workers are highly professional, offering you the best analytic and optimized strategy that will work correctly for your business. We base our results on research done on various competing business sites, and so our findings are very reliable.

A trial of our services will have you convinced today.