5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Roofing Businesses

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It’s official: more people across the globe own cell phones than personal toothbrushes. In the US alone, over 95% of the population owns a smartphone. When marketing your roofing business, each person with a smartphone is an opportunity.

If you’re not utilizing the advantages of mobile marketing, however, you’re missing out.

Here are the five ways mobile marketing can benefit your roofing business. By using mobile-friendly strategies, you can expand your reach and attract more clients. Keep reading to learn how going mobile can benefit your business.

1. Reach Your Audience

The best way to create a strong, effective marketing strategy is to find ways to make the customers’ lives easier. Your target audience is already on their phones, searching online. As of 2016, people spent up to 10 hours a day on their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, 50% of users reach for their phones when searching online.

By creating a mobile marketing strategy, you can appear in front of your customers when it’s most convenient for them.

For example, you can use pay-per-click ads to appear on your customer’s favorite social media apps. You can also use search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your website appears on the top page of a Google search.

Cold calling, on the other hand, is a disruptive strategy. You could annoy your customers and potentially scare them away. By using mobile marketing techniques instead, you can start communicating with customers where they spend the bulk of their time.

2. Step Up Sales

At least 60% of all e-commerce begins on a mobile device. Mobile-friendly websites make it easier for consumers to shop straight from their phones. If your site isn’t mobile-optimized, however, they might have a difficult time using your site.

As a result, you’re missing out on potential clients!

A mobile-optimized website is designed to attract conversions. You can also use mobile marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy to generate new leads.

3. Compete With Emails

As part of your mobile marketing strategy, you can send consumers short, concise text messages to attract them to your business. Text messages are easy to consume. Emails, on the other hand, require more time and effort.

By using text messages as part of your marketing strategy, you’re also more likely to engage a younger audience.

4. Connect a Second Time

What if someone visits your desktop website and leaves without filling out a form, then visits later from a phone? Mobile-friendly websites give businesses a second chance to connect with customers.

You can use mobile marketing to give visitors a similar online experience. Make sure your site has a fast loading time. That way, you provide the best possible user experience regardless of the device they’re using.

5. Boost Your SEO

Google now using mobile-first indexing to determine rankings. If your site isn’t optimized, you won’t rank on search engines.

By prioritizing mobile marketing, you can boost your ranking and reach more customers.

A Stronger Strategy: 5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Your Roofing Business

Improve your entire digital marketing strategy! With mobile marketing, you can reach more customers than ever. Grow your roofing business with mobile marketing today.

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